Dream Devons

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Devon Rex Cattery


 We have been showing /breeding Toy Poodles for over 20 years .Loving every minute.

One of my daughter's is allergic to cats so over the years even though my love for cats are very strong the ability to have one around wasn't possible.

Now that she is all grown up and away from home guess what I got! Yes your right a Cat! He actually picked me.

One day I was waking up and out of the corner of my eye I saw alittle tiny orange tabby kitten sitting on my porch.

So I went out side and picked him up. He just looked up and cried! Some how he had found his way to my front porch.

I put him on a fuzzy blanket and there he stayed . Fortunately it was vet day so he got looked over by my vet and given his needles. Now two years later he looks like this!

My silly Kitty who thinks he is a dog! Loves and plays with the poodles every day!

Well then there's the beautiful ,distinct Devon Rex! I've always loved the look since the first time i saw them at a mixed dog and cat show!

I knew one day I would have one! So this past winter I was surfing the net and came across a breeder of Devon Rex.

Of course I didn't say anything to my husband( at first). So days past and every night I would go on to view more Devon Rex pictures!

So yes it happened I found a breeder of Devon Rex who had kittens available.

At first I was just going to get one,then after talking with her for many hours I decided I would try showing /breeding Devon Rex!

Since that day they arrived I have had great fun watching them play and Purr Purr Purr Away!

They are such happy little fellows! As soon as they see me in the morning they just want to come over and LOVE me to death! It is such a good feeling!

Showing is real fun and stressful all rolled up into one. Can't wait till the next one!!

I would like to be able to bring that love and happiness to my Devon Rex clients!

If god is willing .

We will be having occasional litters of kittens.

Please contact me for more info and any up coming Kittens! 


We are members of CCA and CFA. Our Devons live with us ,they are ,are children

helping us do the dishes,and my computing .Sitting on my shoulder while folding laundry !

What ever happens in are daily life's. Devons are very special and will fill your hearts with Love!


 Jamie and Bill Cournoyea

RR#1 Durham, Ontario








 I Look forward to talking with you soon!

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