Dream Devons

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Devon Rex

Dream Devon's will be closing !

I have decided to move forward in another direction

I will be placing some of my Beautiful kitties into

Forever Homes Only !

Please Fill out the Application to be Considered.

Devon Rex cats are beautiful animals with wonderful Personalities!

After having a Devon Rex Cat in your life , you will want another!

They make your life complete .

Devon Rex are very friendly and love to be with their people.

Done By:

Doug Schmidt







We are striving to make your Devon Rex Experience a very special Time!

As these are very special cats! As much love you give them they will give back 10 times more!

We will do are very best to bring you a Happy, Healthy ,Well Socialized,Special Devon Rex!

These wonderful cats will bring many hours of fun and humor!

Here are just a few Devon Rex qualities that make them good choices for the cat-obsessed:

  • Loving and affectionate to humans and other pets and known for their loyalty and devotion often following their owner from room to room.
  • They are very human oriented and want to check out everything you are doing.
  • Devon’s are playful and animated, and born crowd pleasers!
  • They are active, fearless and intelligent and can be easily trained (giving it a reputation for being dog-like).
  • Devon’s are shoulder-perchers, lap-sitters, “tail-waggers”, and retrievers of tossed cat toys.
  • Devon’s are known for their unique “chatting”.
  • They chat gaily in subdued chirps, chortles and trills particularly when they can see a bird or something of interest.
  • Devon’s are low maintenance, wash-and-wear companions, that need little grooming/brushing.
  • Devon’s do shed less than cats with ordinary coats, which is great for keeping your favorite furniture free of hair.
  • Because of the fine short coat, it often appears that Devon’s do not actually shed any hair at all… But they do !
  • One of the Devon’s most endearing qualities is its physical warmth, due to a less insulated coat and slightly higher body temperature.
  • There is nothing in the world like a warm Devon on a cold night.
  • And since Devon’s shed little, you can snuggle back without coming away covered with cat hair.


While an even, full coat of loose curls is ideal for the show ring,

the Devon coat varies greatly between individuals,

ranging from an almost shaggy mop of loose curls in some to a thin suede-like coat

in others that may leave some areas nearly bare.

One can truly appreciate this unique coat once he has had an opportunity to feel the velvety soft texture.

It is something you’ll not soon forget.

Devon’s have also gained a reputation as being “hypo-allergenic,”

but this is Not True , Most people with Cat Allergies

Are Allergic to Devons !

Please feel free to look through my web site to get more info on myself

and the wonderful Devon Rex Breed !